Pro-tips for a stress-free life

By Ruchit Khullar in Lifestyle  |  Posted on 10th June 2019

Pro-tips for a stress-free life

Pro-tips for a stress-free life

‘Your performance hasn’t been upto the mark’, ‘What your progress has been, is not exceptional as compared to the other team members’, ‘What is that one thing that separates your from others?’, ‘This is the best we can do for you, The company has a budget and we have to maintain a bell curve while increments’.

These are some common sentences that employees hear from their bosses at the time of yearly appraisals, or at the time of promotions and one-on-one’s. This makes every employee feel less wanted in the company and not worthy, still every single day, thousands of educated and learned people get ready in the morning, beat the traffic which is not less than a war(especially in metro cities) and reach their respective offices to do what they left doing yesterday called- JOB.

But, we as ‘working professionals’ do not realize the amount of burden and load that we give to our body, mind and soul, until there is an annual medical review/camp organized by the So-called employee friendly organization that you are working for. And the review states that your body sugar is high, cholesterol is on the border line and stress levels are increasing. This is when we realize is the job worth giving more than 100% every single day or is my body and health much more important.  

Stress is not something we feel when we over work ourselves on the job, it gets accumulated from our early age. It has been observed that the millennial working generation in the age group 25-32 are much more stressed and fatigued throughout the day as compared to the same age group a decade ago.

This brings us to the question- What should be done to reduce stress?

4 useful and pro-tips to reduce and avoid stress at work-

Hydrate yourself at regular intervals-

As we sit inside the office, the air-conditioner cuts off the moisture in the air. Though we do not feel thirsty, we need to hydrate our body at regular intervals. This helps in lowering the tension/stress levels of the body. Water intake relaxes mind and normalizes heart beat thus reducing stress.

Take short and regular breaks-

Long hours at work without taking break results in stressed muscles and tired mind. We should take short 5 minute breaks after every 30 minutes. We should follow 20-20-20 rule i.e, after every 20 minutes see 20 feet away from the screen for 20 seconds. Thus relaxing your eyes and mind. 

Stretch your body regularly-

Sitting for more than 30 minutes in one position create tremendous tension in body muscles especially shoulders, lower back and thighs. We should stretch out the muscles and relax them to avoid greater stress and muscle related issues. Stretching allows much needed blood-flow in the body muscles thus relaxing the body.

Exercise regularly-

Give yourself at least 40 minutes of the day to exercise. Be it a gym session, brisk walking, a dance session, yoga or playing any outdoor sport. Excersing releases oxytocin in the brain which is a natural stress buster which helps in lowering the blood pressure and normalizing the heart beat thus reducing stress.